Deaf Development Programme

Bringing back a bright smile

… included as equals in all aspects of Cambodian Society.  This is the very end of our mission statement that adorns the wall at the entrance to our office.  Our social services project manager, Vannarith, is one of the folks that really helps to make this happen.  Throughout the week, he is rarely in his own office because he is going from doctors’ offices to dentists’ offices to audiologists’ offices and the list goes on.  This morning, he took three folks to the dentist.  For these kinds of appointments, it is really crucial there is clear understanding between patient and practitioner.    Vannarith makes that happen.  One of those who visited the dentist today, said, ‘I had no idea I could go and have that stuff cleaned off my teeth to make my breath smell better.  My teeth look so nice.’ IMG_8048 IMG_8063

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