Deaf Development Programme

Sign Language Interpreting



Sign language interpreting is a relatively new service offered in Cambodia.  There was no sign language in Cambodia before 1997 so there were also no interpreters.  As the development and use of Cambodia Sign Language increased in the country, the profession of sign language interpreter became established and the Deaf Development Programme undertook the training of interpreters and the promotion of sign language interpreting as a basic human right for deaf people.Sign language interpreters facilitate full and equal communication between deaf people and hearing people and also provide access for deaf people to education and information, to meetings and public life, to the normal services available to hearing people, and to full participation as a member of society.


DDP Interpreter at a recent wedding of two Deaf community members


DDP provides sign language interpreters for NGOs and organizations, for government ministries, for education and training, and for individual deaf people as they go about their daily life.





What’s New in the Interpreting project?