Deaf Development Programme

DDP Media Launch

8 April 2014

As the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme has increased its outreach, it has become more important to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with the deaf community in Cambodia.  The majority of the country still does not have electricity, but many of the deaf people have smartphones and use Facebook and Twitter so DDP has set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to be able to spread information in video format utilizing sign language.

Likewise, many people outside of Cambodia are learning of the Deaf Development Programme and its activities and have been e-mailing us and visiting us.  To communicate better with friends and partners in other countries, we have re-designed our website to provide easier access and more information.

Welcoming Sita Verma (L) and Kristin Kadey

Welcoming Sita Verma (L) and Kristin Dadey

And as a general tool for increasing awareness of the situation of deaf people in Cambodia, we have long felt the need for short videos that we could take to the villages to explain who we are and what we do.  These same videos can also be shown to interested persons outside of Cambodia.  Two good friends of DDP and the deaf community, Kristin Dadey and Sita Verma, arranged for Alex Willson (Wandering Cameras) and Luc Forsyth (Luc Forsyth Photojournalist) to produce a six-minute promotional video.

The final version of the video was just released and so we decide to have a media launch to announce our new presence on Twitter and Facebook, our newly redesigned website, and our new documentary video.  On 8 April 2014, we invited friends of DDP, our partner organizations, and friends of the deaf community to come for a simple celebration at our Phnom Penh office.

We’ll add a gallery of photos from the big event!  Come back to see them!

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