Deaf Development Programme

Deaf Community Field Trip

The Deaf Community Development project strives to provide new opportunities and experiences for Deaf Cambodians.  For our Basic Education students, weekends are an opportunity for learning outside the classroom and seeing parts of their country they have never before visited.  This past weekend DCC Kampong Cham headed to check out the bamboo bridge and water front.


Step one:

Figure out how to fit everyone into the three tuktuks.

IMG_8112 IMG_8115 IMG_8118

Step Two:

Arrive at the bamboo bridgeIMG_8130

Step three:

Check out the bridge and pose for photos.IMG_8150 IMG_8156

Step four:

Cool down in the river


Step five:

Compare the bamboo bridge to modern day Japanese Bridge.  And, pose for more pictures.IMG_8183 IMG_8185

Such a great turn-out for the trip!  Well done DCC Kampong Cham!


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