Deaf Development Programme

Floating Along


At DDP, we do our best to teach our students useful skills.  Usually, this means some math, some literacy, and a whole lot of sign language but on the weekends, we get to teach other useful life lessons.  Such as, how to swim.  One of our two interns from Australia used to swim competitively, so in a team with our staff and other intern, we have been offering swimming lessons to the students.  Unfortunately, the time we have is limited but we do our best to get the students comfortable in the water.  One common theme we have noticed is that few of the students know how to float.  Many will power themselves across a pool, but, without the ability to float, they have no stamina.  So, we spend a whole lot of time just trying to get them to relax.  Check-out more of the photos on our Facebook page.

IMG_0903 IMG_0946

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