Deaf Development Programme

Football Weekend!

This is a big week in Deaf football.  The Deaf World Cup started in Italy- DDP’s Communications Coordinator is thrilled with the USA Women’s defeat of Turkey 3-0!


Deaf football players from around Cambodia turned out Saturday for the ISF football tournament in Phnom Penh.  There were 14 teams playing from 8:30am until around 4pm.  In addition to all the players, at least 75 Deaf community members and hearing supporters turned out to cheer on their favorite teams.  If you want to check out all 430 photos from the day, you can find them on our Facebook page.



On Sunday, while many were recovering from a whole day on the pitch, some participated in the Deaf Community Center hosted skills competition.  Our very own Miguel put together this fantastic video from the day!  Very impressive skills (of both the players and videographer).

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