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Yesterday, at DDP Phnom Penh, we had around 40 people turn out to take part in a clean-up of the our neighborhood.  This month DCC activities are focused on the environment and how we all can care better for it.  Litter norms here in Cambodia are different from many other countries.  Simply throwing trash from a moto or car is just how people dispose of waste, thus the roads often have a great collection of litter.  Each group collected nearly ten bags of trash in two and a half hours.  The groups even sorted as they collected – plastics in one bag, glass in another, etc.  Many of these items can be sold by the trash collectors here in the city so our staff gifted these bags of recyclables to the collectors they met on their way.  We also had nine community leaders from our neighborhood come out to help.  Thanks to everyone who came out to help clean our streets!  You make us very proud!



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