Deaf Development Programme

Mental Health Training


This past week, we had nine staff (primarily DDP House Parents), attend a training on Mental Health First Aid as a part of our capacity development efforts here at DDP.  The DDP House Parents oversee basic education and job training students at the hostel we provide as a place for them to stay while continuing their education.  For some of these students, this experience is the first time they have been away from home.  They are learning a new language.  There are new rules.  Many of them have experienced a lot of trauma in their lives and never had a safe space or language to address this.  Our house parents are the ones on the front line.  They are with the students 24/7 and are thus best able to notice changes of behavior or mental health concerns.  Thanks to this training, they now have a new set of tools to use and are better aware of warning signs that should be taken seriously.  Thanks to TPO Cambodia for providing this training to our staff.


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