Deaf Development Programme

What makes a good teacher?


What makes a good teacher?  That was the question addressed in yesterday’s workshop at DDP.  Maly, our interpreting project manager, facilitated the workshop with many different activities that allowed teachers to share their experiences.  One participant,  after the workshop, was excited about the new concepts she learned: the importance of classroom management and learning to check your own worries at the door.  She explained that it is important even if you are stressed from things that happened at home in the morning or sad about something, you want to not project that on to your students.  Students will pick up on those negative feelings.



Maly provided many different group activities allowing the participants to share their experiences.



Here, the participants role play different situations that show the importance of respecting all students equally and facilitating that respect and camaraderie among the students as well.



Participants presented different lay-outs for classrooms that were deaf-centric designs and discussed how they differ from standard hearing classrooms.



Participants also evaluated different classroom designs for the intended population.


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